Daniel Day-Lewis Lookalike


Daniel Day-Lewis Lookalike Edmond Wells, gets the job done.

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* Professional character actor!
* Convincing costume and credible performance!
* As seen on ITV!

At 6 foot 7” Edmond has 3” on the original President himself but otherwise bears quite a resemblance as a  Daniel Day-Lewis impersonator.

Complete with a frock coat, signature bow tie, beard and sideburns, this Daniel Day-Lewis lookalike is almost a mirror image with his convincing costume and credible performance!

Well known to be a good and reliable character actor, our lookalike’s first booking as Abraham Lincoln was for a photo shoot and publicity campaign in London. The campaign was for the tourist board of the State Of Illinois who wanted the promotion to coincide with the release of the new film “Lincoln”. Taking to the streets of central London, he certainly created quite a fuss wowing passersby!

Now available for corporate events, private parties, store openings and more, let our President Abraham Lincoln lookalike wow your guests with his uncanny impersonation! 

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Edmond Wells has enjoyed a succesful career as a professional character actor for over 15 years. This has given him roles in commercials, adverts and has entertained in 15 countries to date. Happy to discuss and assist with any new proposals.

Testimonials                                                                                                                                                                                               "Edmond Wells is fantastic – the real McCoy.  The team and I were extremely impressed with his portrayal of the infamous 16th President of the USA.  At 6ft 7inches tall, he certainly made heads turn and looked like the genuine article.  We were extremely impressed with Ed’s professionalism on the job". Julie-Anne Power, Senior Account Executive at Fleishman-Hillard PR. 

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